| soundclips |

Listen to soundclips from Annika's EP. The four songs were recorded in 
Mezzeluna Studios during 2004 by Bobby Ho, produced by Annika and 
mixed by Rikard Fohlin, who also did the beat design. 



| list - recordings of annika's songs |

Songs: Moments of Ours, Playing in the Sun, Take Him, Just You
Producer: Dan Sundqvist, D Sundqvist Produktion
Intermediary: Jon Gray, BMG / Madhouse publishing

Songs: I Still
Producer: Peter Kvint, Jailhouse Productions
Intermediary: Jon Gray, BMG / Madhouse publishing
Songs: Just You
Producer: Johan Lyander
Intermediary: Micke Lyander, Sandkvie Studios, Gotland

Songs: Don't, Greener, By Your Own Will, Free the World
Singles: SDR0006 & SDR0007
Producer: Per Mäkitalo, SunDance Records
Intermediary: SMK (Stockholm Conservatory of Music)

Songs: Take Him
Producer: Rasmus Faber www.fareplane.com
Intermediary: SMK
Songs: Inhaling Life
Producer: Torbjörn Gjers
Intermediary: SMK
Songs: - 10 tracks - (Album)
Producer: Annika Holmberg/Bobby Ho, Mezzaluna Music /
SunDance Records
Ongoing project
 Songs: - 4 tracks - (EP)
Producer: Annika Holmberg, Beat design Rikard Fohlin
Mezzaluna Music / SunDance Records and Stocksound Studios
Listen to soundclips

| other recordings |

Guest vocals on "Can You Save Me" (S.Rimheden/A.Holmberg) 
On Swedish electronica princess Sophie Rimheden's album "Sophie Rimheden"
(release 9th of Nov 2005). 
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Backing vocals on Marit Bergman's album "I Think it's a Rainbow“, released in september 2006

Backing vocals on the song Vägen utanför ditt fönster (O. Sahlén), album
“Nålens Öga” (LPCD 004) produced by Andreas Runesson (Hemlandssånger).
Read more at www.hemlandssanger.se 

Additionally there are approx. 50 other recordings of Annika’s music that she 
has produced on her own in her home.

To buy an EP or get samples please send an e-mail to info (at) annikaholmberg.com