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Annika was born in Sweden, but spent half of her childhood in the US. There, the ground of her musical influences was founded through the tradition of Country music, the Broadway Musicals and the classical music that instilled her first relationship with the piano. At the age of three she started her piano tuition at the home of a Czech woman in Los Angeles and already at the age of ten, songwriting had become her favorite pursuit. Torn between different cultures and environments, the lyrics in her songs became her way of expressing herself and although she was bilingual already as a child, English became her written language.

With travel in her blood, the journeys continued even when her family had settled down in Sweden. She traveled for several years, worked at an orphanage in India, sang and danced in Africa, hitch-hiked around Europe... It was then her guitar became indispensable. Many pictures and stories took form and her music emanated from many scenes. Her path has meandered between sidewalks and bar-corners to festivals and club-stages. During the past few years, Stockholm has become a hometown and there she has performed at just about every small to mid-large venue that offers her genre of music.

Up until the year of 2001 she appeared in her rock-band circle of annika as the lead singer and songwriter and together, they not only became a very popular live act, but also had success in radio stations and the press all around Sweden. As a solo artist she has abandoned the rock-stage but not the glow and the focus. Now the listener is left with the pure experience of Annika’s expressive voice and figurative lyrics in its simplicity.